Home Improvement May 1, 2020

5 Bathroom Renovations That Really Pay Off

On the journey to selling your home, it can be all too easy to focus solely on finding your new dream property and forget to ensure the home you leave behind is a dream property for its next inhabitants. Creating a beautiful living space that you’ll soon be leaving may seem counterproductive, but the good news is giving your home some targeted TLC before selling can increase its value at a time when that matters most.

To help you make your property that little bit more irresistible, our friends at Jaquar are honing in on the bathroom – a space full of renovation potential. From full-scale makeover ideas to the finer details, you’ll find ideas galore for redecorating your way to a hefty new home fund.

A blank canvas color palette

Pale, muted and earthy shades are widely acknowledged as appealing to potential buyers due to being stripped-back and, as a result, boundless in potential. Without a bold, imposing color scheme limiting their imagination, prospective buyers will be able to effortlessly picture themselves living in the space.

A neutral color palette is particularly at home in the bathroom, which should be designated as a space for peaceful, uninterrupted relaxation. Calming shades such as white, cream and beige are ideal for creating that all-important atmosphere of zen – and with any luck, potential buyers will feel their worries melt away the moment they first set foot in your blank canvas bathroom.

Vertical storage space maximized

In smaller homes, storage space is at a premium – and even if your property is a reasonable size, there’s no denying the appeal of extra storage options that don’t impose on the living space itself.

In the bathroom, your best bet is to unlock the potential of your available vertical space – introducing new hanging storage baskets, wall-mounted hooks and rails, and floating shelves, all of which are as affordable as they are effective. With these simple storage additions, you can create an utterly clutter-free space where everything has its right place – guaranteed to go down a storm with prospective buyers.

A striking statement bathtub

Introducing a distinctive statement feature to your home is interior design 101 – and the bathroom is a particularly effective space for putting this idea into action. To promptly dial up your bathroom’s aesthetic from perfectly adequate to unmistakably premium, invest in a sumptuous statement bath that immediately catches the eye.

Free-standing bathtubs in particular add instant opulence to any bathroom, conjuring images of tranquil living in the lap of luxury. If your property can make a promise as powerful as that, finding a buyer shouldn’t be a problem.

Radiant lighting fixtures

The right lighting is the key to the right ambience, and ambience isn’t something that can be neglected in a relaxation station like the bathroom. In keeping with your understated yet elegant aesthetic, you can increase your bathroom’s appeal further still by illuminating the space with gently glowing sconces, under-cabinet or over-shelf lighting, an industrial-look pendant lamp or a combination of the lot if you’re open to something a little more eclectic.

Of course, the ultimate bathroom lighting solution is to introduce a skylight, bathing the entire space in rejuvenating natural light. This will mean a far greater financial investment on your part, but is likely to pay dividends when the time comes to sell your home.

Premium extras aplenty

With your neutral color palette, vertical storage options, statement bathtub and luxurious light fixtures firmly in place, all that’s left is to ice the cake – by which we mean put the finishing touches on your irresistible bathroom.

From elegant wall mirrors and dainty cabinets to a fashionable and functional splash back behind the basin or in the shower, the options are practically endless when it comes to accessorizing your way to a bathroom any prospective buyer will be happy to pay more for the luxury of living in.