Other Oahu Communities

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Oahu offers a little bit everything, all in 597 square miles. There are the Instagram-worthy powdery white beaches, hiking trails snaking into the lush rainforest, to the historic sites and bustling urban core of Honolulu with its vibrant nightlife and dining scenes and world-class museums. It’s no wonder Oahu’s nickname is the Gathering Place!
Life moves refreshingly slower here. Kamaaina, or locals, surf their favorite break before heading into the office, gather to practice hula with friends in the evenings and spend the weekends outdoors barbecueing, kayaking, hiking and snorkeling. Hawaii ranks top of the list as the healthiest state, the most outdoorsy state and the place with some of the best beaches in the country. To top it off, locals are blessed with virtually year-round perfect weather. The thermometer generally hovers between mid 70s to mid 80s degrees. There are essentially just two seasons in Hawaii: Winter and summer. Winters, from November to April, are a bit cooler, and rainier, than the summer months from May to October. And even if it’s raining in one part of Oahu, chances are there’s a sunny patch of sky on the other coast! The eastern, or Windward side of the island is usually wetter and cooler than Oahu’s Leeward or west coast, which is more arid and dry.
The third largest Hawaiian island, 69 percent of the state’s 1.4 million people call Oahu home. And because most of the state’s residents live here, the island chain’s greatest real estate diversity is also on Oahu. There’s something for every homeowner: Ocean-front residences in Kailua, spacious homes flanking rolling golf courses in Kapolei, newly built condos in downtown Honolulu, plantation style bungalows in Ewa Beach, Victorian-era mansions in Manoa and luxury estates in Diamond Head.

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