Cori Hamilton is the epitome of what one wishes a realtor would be. From the moment I called her to list our apartment, she enthusiastically worked with me to make the experience comfortable and successful. Cori and her team provided us with a clear timeline for the sale and gentle reminders of upcoming deadlines. She not only took care of the paperwork and guided us through all the forms necessary for the sale, she also proof-read our forms to make sure our replies were accurate (and remembered things I'd forgotten). They did a fantastic job of staging the apartment and organizing a sales campaign of great photos and video which were well disseminated for broad, but appropriate, viewing.

Because living off-island made it difficult for us to co-ordinate activities, Cori helped us clean out our apartment, find & secure storage facilities, and hire movers to transport our furniture and belongings. For the furniture we wanted to sell, she took care of the listing and sale of those.

- M & J

We couldn't be happier with Cori and her services!!! She is always to positive, upbeat, happy and cheerful, even when bad things and hiccups happened along the way! Our sale was a very unique and challenging one due to several inherent items pertaining to the property, but Cori took great care of us through everything and we never had any doubt whatsoever that we were in great hands! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, we'd give Cori a 20!!! She was absolutely amazing throughout this whirlwind of an experience and we wouldn't hesitate to trust in her guidance again and again! We've already referred her to a few friends and family that reached out to us for recommendations. We love Cori and she has always been outstanding in our eyes! Thank you Cori!!!

- V & J

Knowledgeable, experienced, creative, innovative, visionary, and extremely customer-focused" are only a few words that describe Cori Hamilton and her work/efforts on selling our condo in 2017.

Cori truly knows the business and provided us awesome guidance through the whole selling process. Her depth of experience and constant customer focus on us, made the sale of our condo seem so effortless. From the mounds of paperwork and myriad of questions accompanying that, Cori was so patient in explaining what we were signing and what the technical and "legalese" terms meant. It was admirable how she was looking out for our best interest.

- D & L

Cori anticipated my every need during the process and was right there to guide me and answer questions. She went above and beyond to get the property in tip top show shape, staging it and advertising it at her own expense.

- G

Throughout the entire process, Cori's energy and positive attitude made all of the little irritations and details handleable. Any time we had a question or concern, all we had to do was call Cori and she would find the solution for us. Truly, we could never have done this sale without Cori.

At the same time we were selling the apartment, we were in the market looking for a home on another island. Cori found us a realtor on that island who was great... but he wasn't Cori. When she would check in with us about the apartment sale, she'd also ask how we were doing with the house search & purchase and provide additional insight on questions we might be asking. Cori's care for her clients didn't stop with the sale for which she represented us, she cares about her clients -- that's what makes Cori Hamilton OUTSTANDING!

- M & L

Cori Hamilton was the best seller's agent ever! She advised us to stage our condo and paid for it herself out of her own pocket. Because of the awesome staging, we got an offer thousands of dollars more than the original asking price. She was a strong advocate for our interests and always explained the details with clarity and enthusiasm. Our first buyer was a week away from closing when we found out that her contingency sale fell through. Cori told us and put our condo back on the market right away. She got another buyer very quickly and we closed with the second buyer. Even with this setback, Cori did her best to help us out and closed the deal in record time. Through it all, she kept us informed and advised us every step of the way. I highly recommend Cori for this award because she always made us feel cared for and respected. She made every interaction pleasant and encouraging. Each time we spoke with her, we always had happy smiles on our faces. She is the sweetest and kindest person we know. We couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent!

- R & L

Visionary and creative, Cori knew who could stage our condo for the best possible viewing and emotional effects. The outcome was fantastic and really made the condo feel a welcoming home that anyone could picture and feel themselves comfortable in. Her attention to detail translated into photos that reflected that picture---even to the extent of having to schedule 2 photo sessions to obtain the pictures she wanted. She went the extra mile with quality. I feel that was a critical key in our getting two offers within two weeks of the listing appearing on the MLS.

There were huge geographic and technology challenges when the two offers came in as we were on a cruise with limited internet that was "spotty" and slow. This called for innovation. Cori efficiently kept in touch with us and helped us meet the deadlines to modify and make decisions on the offers. Her tireless efforts at a crucial time in the selling process allowed us to enjoy our cruise vacation, knowing that she had everything under control, and all the details handled.

- D & L

Cori is absolutely the best realtor I have ever worked with and I have worked with a number having bought and sold 7 houses in the past 30 years. Her attention to detail is unmatched. When we met with her to sell our home in Hawaii, based on stellar recommendations I might add, she came to our home on our schedule fully prepared to inspect, discuss the property and local comps, and address any concerns we had on the sale. We were the first in some time to sell a home in our neighborhood so there were no true applicable comps. This meant that it would be a considerable challenge to get us the price we needed from the sale. Cori was up for that challenge and more! Cori marketed the house with multiple open houses, hired an incredible videographer to capture the home's beauty, and advertised in numerous venues to ensure the widest dissemination of information on our home and its unique features. I have never in my many real estate adventures had such an attentive or creative realtor! Her efforts as well as her advice on prepping the home for the market and incredible staging resulted in the securing of a successful offer at a sale price higher than we had initially thought possible. She further acted as intermediary during closing keeping us fully informed despite time and distance challenges (we were, by then, on the east coast.) As I mentioned, Cori is simply the best. I can tell you she provides service that is head and shoulders above any realtor with whom we have worked. I recommend her to all my colleagues moving to or from Hawaii and all give glowing reviews of her service. I would be privileged to work with her again. She absolutely deserves to be #1 on the list of realtors for this award.

- J & S

Cori is an exceptional realtor. She is efficient, kind, makes her available, quick to respond, and always on top her game. Cory was the realtor who helped buy our property, and she. We decided to sell, she was the only option for us. She provided everything from photographer that staying to make our beautiful condo look amazing.
Our place sold on the first day and we got $15,000 above our asking price. We are so thankful for Cori's help in selling our place and getting more than we hoped for.

- L & A

Cori went above and beyond what I expected. We were in a hotel, and she was very conscious that we needed to find a home as quickly as possible. I am a Hawaiian returning to Hawaii, and that excited her (instead of Hawaiians leaving Hawaii because they canʻt afford living here). She paced the paperwork, viewing homes, and other tasks so I was not overwhelmed and exhausted or waiting for something to happen. She was interested in my and my husbandʻs life story to help us find a place that suited our personality and where we would thrive. Cori was able to evaluate if I was getting something for what I was going to pay. Some details about a house increased the value and some decreased the value and she told us about them. She found answers for all my questions, such as who owned the empty field behind a house, where the sun would set in the afternoon, rainfall, and so forth. Cori recognized the house I eventually purchased has a unique and rare view, of the ocean, Koʻolau Mountain and Waianae mountain, golf course and lake, and 37 panels with net metering. I had no idea what net metering meant! She recognized without us saying anything or judgmental, that we wanted privacy and a community of residents that really cared about their homes. When I moved in after the sale was over, she was there to give recommendations about service providers such as bug and termite control, plumbers, and so forth. I was starting to get worn out, and she called to let me know she was going to give a gift of 2 hours of help with a professional organizer. That was a big boost in the unpacking and setting up. Before I left WA State, my excellent realtor helped find Cori for us and we made contact over the phone. Moving from WA State to HI State, I had to learn new real estate terminology, different real estate laws and regulations, and the customary way sales were handled in Hawaii as compared to WA State. It was a real easy transition from the realtor who sold my house to Cori. My WA State realtor was so happy that the transition was going smoothly. I sold my WA State house March 27 and purchased my new house on May 12th, and moved in May 13th. I couldn't be happier with my new home. And, I receive news letters and sometimes fun gifts from Cori! Sheʻs my realtor for life, as I am not leaving Hawaiʻi and friends and family may need her. Sheʻs a good "gift" to give people I care about.

- H & S

Cori is the best! She always explains things and make these very stressful times very effortless. Her guidance, knowledge and experience made one of the toughest decisions in our life to be easy and stress free. Cori always remembers everyone in our large family, is there for any question and always gives us a hug of reassurance every time. Thank you for your consideration and in our families book there is no other realtor for us, she's the best.

- J & R

We traveled from Maryland to Hawaii on a house hunting trip and Cori made a potentially stressful process so easy! She had all of the right planning, insights, and delicious treats to keep us powering through along the way. Cori provided great support as we made up our mind, then changed it, then made it up again and we walked away with the house we wanted. After the close, Cori went above and beyond helping us coordinate contractors while we were still in Maryland. Everything worked out according to plan and we couldn't be happier with the process and Cori as our realtor.

- B & A

Cori not only made the house hunting/buying experience pleasant, but she also made our whole PCS to Hawaii smoother. We were originally working with a different realtor who didn't give me the "warm fuzzy" feeling. Moving from Maryland to Hawaii, with a newborn, was extremely stressful. Normally I am incredibly independent, but this time I needed someone who would hold my hand but not force me into something I didn't want.

Cori greeted us with open arms, really listened to what we were looking for in a house and put together a list of houses for us to view. We changed what we were looking for multiple times as we digested the housing market in Hawaii and Cori adapted to our new requirements without missing a step! She never once got frustrated with us when we changed our minds. She really was a dream to work with!

We were also selling our house Maryland when we moved to Hawaii - Cori was not the realtor for our house sale, but she used her contacts here to help us complete the paperwork for our house sale. I don't know any other realtors who would help you when they know they won't make a commission!

We are so grateful for Cori coming into our lives. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for a realtor. You will never feel like you're just a paycheck, you will never feel like your feelings/thoughts aren't important, you will never be pressured into something you aren't really happy with. Cori will be honest with you and she will fight for you. We found an amazing realtor and made a great friend as well!!

- M & C

Cori was recommended to us by a coworker, who had recently bought a house with Cori. Her assistance through the process was invaluable and she helped us navigate the complicated real estate landscape in Hawaii. We visited Hawaii two months before we moved here to find a house and, after considering renting for a while, we decided to buy. With a tight timeline, Cori dropped everything and came in to help us find a house that met our needs. She patiently explained every step of the process and helped us close the house without a hitch. Cori definitely goes the extra mile for her clients and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- J & T

Cori assisted us in selling my family home that my parents purchased new in 1971. It was a very difficult and emotional thing we had to do. Cori was there for us from the beginning to the end. Her professionalism, expertise, market knowledge, and years of experience made a difficult time, an amazing memory. She devoted her attention to the sale from the day we initially spoke with her, until after the sale was done.

Cori constantly checked in with us with her support. She was available ANYTIME we called. Every time there was a situation or we had a question for, she responded to us immediately. She is very savvy, and friendly. The neighborhood is mostly all original owners and were are very skeptical of things, but Cori won them over!

The home was 47 years old, we decided to update the home prior to selling. Cori's ideas and suggestions were current, tasteful, and trending, they were cutting edge. She prioritized where our dollars would go the farthest, and gave us a High, medium, low amount for our budget. She provided us with a list of contractors that we could possibly use if we did not have anyone ourselves. When we called them, they were all professional, and did amazing work in a very timely manner, they all spoke highly of Cori. She was there at the beginning of every project to make sure everyone understood what was to be done, and she was there on the final day before each contractor left. This gave us peace of mind, and made it easier for us. Because she was there to communicate things, everyone had clear expectations, and everyone walked away from the projects feeling satisfied.

Prior to any of the work beginning, Cori checked the Title of the property and had the property staked. It was to our benefit as there was a problem with the Title. Cori took care of the problem and caught other issues prior to the listing and saved us time in closing by catching things early.

- A & S

One of Cori’s greatest strengths is the support she has provided to us after our purchase. From helping us resolve issues present when we moved in such as a leaking refrigerator and a washing machine without hot water, to finding excellent service providers such as a solar power expert to explain our PV system and pool expert to explain the maintenance of our pool, Cori has been with us throughout and promises to always be there for us.

If going the extra several miles for a client is what you are looking for in your Aloha Haina Realtor Award winners then Cori is definitely it!

- D & A

We loved dealing with Cori. she made the whole process personal, friendly and easy. She went out of her way to help us, found us a house while we weren't on the island, skyped a house for us and walked us through with a video on the house we ended up purchasing. Cori dealt with anything that came up or communicated it with us so we could deal with it. We never had any doubts she would do her best for us. We would recommend Cori to friends, family and business associates.

- J & J

When we moved to Hawaii, Cori was more than just our Realtor. She brought us soup and ginger-ale when the stomach bug rolled through our house and we were too sick to leave. When my son needed medical attention, she gave recommendations for where to take him based on where she would take her own kid. She had some get togethers with all her current/previous clients so we could all meet since most of us had left our family and friends somewhere when we PCS'd to Hawaii.

Cori checked in with us all the time to make sure we were OK and didn't need anything leading up to closing on our house. She handled all the paperwork prior to closing on our house, made sure the information was accurate and explained the paperwork in "simple" terms to us. This is the second time we have bought a house and I can't even begin to put value on her help with the closing paperwork. I can remember reading the paperwork when we bought our last house in Maryland and being completely overwhelmed by all the words and deadlines. Having someone else take that stress off our shoulders while we were already making such a big life change was invaluable. She was with us when we closed on the house and then continued to check in on us after we closed on our house to make sure we didn't need anything from her.

- M & C

Cori has more expertise, experience and market knowledge than any other realtor we know. She researched and suggested a listing price that was higher than others in the neighborhood. We wanted the house to be sold as soon as possible, so we were apprehensive. She gave us other options for list prices, and left the decision up to us. We went with her suggestion, and ended up breaking records for the area. There were two houses on the next street that had been listed for several months; these homes were newer with more square footage under roof. They were still on the market when we closed. A realtor from one of those homes stopped by the first open, we were there while he voiced his skepticism to Cori about the high listing price, but Cori was right!

We got several offers from our first open house. Cori walked us through each offer, with pros and cons. Always supporting our desires so we would feel good about the transaction. When other Agents were not ethical in some of their dealings, Cori took care of it. This was our Family home and there was a family situation, Cori's suggestions on how to handle things, again gave us peace of mind.

We are so pleased with Cori! We have managed our family's' property's for twenty five years. This is the third property that Cori has sold for us. All three broke records in the neighborhoods they were in. Cori is the BEST realtor we have worked with. She always goes the extra mile, she cares, she is sensitive, intuitive, encouraging, she is cheery, professional, and Amazingly Smart. She made a very difficult and emotional transaction a happy memory.

- A & S

Cori was able to get us into our absolute DREAM HOME with a 30 day close. There were a total of 8 offers and with her wise counsel we were set up for success to be chosen as the first offer!! We are still pinching ourselves every day that we own this gorgeous, amazing home! Thank you Cori from the bottom of our hearts. Xoxo

- J

Cori is amazing. She found us the perfect house, even when inventory was extremely low! She dealt with many trials to get us the house and we even closed on time! She recommended a lender that helped us get the loan we needed. She also made sure all our timelines were met. She even helped us after we moved in to find good people to help us take care of some repairs we needed to do. Cori is very responsive, and makes time for us no matter what. She is just an outstanding human being!!!

- L

Cori made us feel like we were part of her family. She taught us Hawaiian words and phrases , discussed the different cultures and how to integrate into the ALOHA life style. Cori was fantastic especially through COVID 19. We were unable to come to Oahu and look for a house in person due to COVID 19. We explained what we were looking for and Cori made a video of the houses we liked and discussed the pros and cons of the place such as parking, location, travel time, sound proofing, quality of materials in the house etc. She directed us to places that matched our lifestyle which included a small town feel, the right climate, crosswinds, beaches, and commute time to downtown and UH. Once we selected the house , she made sure we understood all the documents before we signed them. Cori constantly checked in with the process and explained the different laws between Hawaii and mainland states. She was always available to us and responded timely to any questions or concerns. I hope to have a long term friendship with Cori and invite her to our home once COVID has ended and we can socialize more freely. She made the process easy and stress free during the pandemic. We are grateful for all her help and friendship.

- G

This was the second time Cori assisted me with the sale of a house and I would not sell a house in Hawaii without her. She made the process smooth from start to finish, thought of everything and had backup plans for all of the things that could possibly go wrong just in case. She put my mind at ease during a very difficult and challenging time to be a seller - the early days of the pandemic. She worked hard to understand and translate the new processes and procedures coming fast and furious every day, made the entire process seamless, and ultimately sold the house on the first weekend it was listed - over list price. She provided the most beautiful package for an online buyer - from staging to photography, the place looked absolutely gorgeous. So much so that it sold to an online buyer without their having ever set foot in the place. She is amazing!!!

- G

Even before we formally contracted with Cori Hamilton as our sellers agent, she demonstrated how she leveraged her expertise, experience, professional network, and commitment to her clients. This pattern continued every day from our first conversation to the day of recordation. Cori came recommended to us from colleagues and we understand why she has the reputatation that she deservedly enjoys within the community. From start to finish, our experience working with Cori vastly exceeded expectations. Her communication with us throughout the process was stellar and enjoyable. We would never consider going into another real estate transaction on Oahu without Cori Hamilton by our side and would recommend her with our strongest endorsement to buyers or sellers.

- P & E

This is the second home I've bought in my lifetime, and this experience was markedly different from and better than my last. Cori was in constant communication with me about the process -- guiding me, but also serving as a sounding board when, in so many moments, I found myself facing a big decision that had to be made relatively quickly, given the pace of the market. In fact, I only committed to the process of buying after I found Cori because I knew I'd need a strong advocate in my corner, but also a person I could connect with. She seemed to understand me -- what I was looking for, but also how I thought -- very quickly, and what's more, she was always kind, always supportive, and she always honored my (what must, at times, have seemed to be quirky or irrational) feelings and preferences. In the end, we found my dream home and in my budget. I feel good about the process and about my new home in no small part because Cori made it so clear at every step of the process that I should trust what feelings and preferences I brought to the decision, while she brought her considerable expertise, knowledge of the market and of different neighborhoods, her effective negotiation strategies, and of course, her flawless execution of every step of the process. Buying a home will be one of the most important things I do, and I can honestly say that it has been a joyful experience because of Cori's enormous skill, as a realtor, and her enthusiasm for the process.

Since I found the home, Cori has helped me to find carpet, an installer, and a handyman. She's generously helped to get the home in order and ready to move in. I feel like I had the best lender and the best home inspector in the business because of her referrals. And, I know, too, that I have the best realtor -- not only for all of the reasons I've noted here but also because when I've mentioned her name to others in the business, they sing her praises. Her reputation is impeccable, and that, too, was a great benefit to me as sellers considered offers put together by a realtor they can trust.

I can go on and on about Cori, but I'll end by saying that I'm one homeowner who would not be a homeowner without Cori.

- S

I sought the recommendation from a trusted Hawaii acquaintance for the sale of my father's condo. Cori was recommended and I discovered as I entered her information in my phone, that she popped up in my contacts as "Dad's Realtor." I contacted her and she immediately shared kind memories of my father and offered to visit the property. She was respectful when I asked her not to visit as we had not yet notified the tenant of our plans. We actually interviewed three realtors in the process of choosing someone to represent us. Cori spent more than an hour educating us during our first interview with her. She then followed through with her promise to share copies of some of the information we talked about. Of the three realtors we interviewed, she was both the most expensive and the most experienced. We felt she was the one who would be the most helpful during this complicated process, and I feel we got great value for the money spent!

Cori spent additional hours answering questions and holding our hands through the paperwork and legal terminology. She was cheerful and never seemed to be in a hurry. She has a great team of people working with her. We had at least weekly updates on what was happening with the promotion of the property, what we needed to do prepare for escrow, as well as education and advice to all three sellers on every decision that we had to agree upon. Often, we corresponded daily to keep things moving forward. Despite so many moving parts, it seemed to proceed smoothly.

I am grateful for all the time she spent educating us, her genuine concern for us as people (not just clients), and her vast experience. But most of all I am grateful for her positive and fun personality. She made it pleasant to be engaged in a hard thing. That was certainly more than we ever expected. To quote Cori, "It is a wonderful life!"

- B, J, & S

I contacted Cori based on a recommendation from one of my coworkers. Cori hit the ground running. She truly understood my housing expectations and put me in contact with a local mortgage officer who helped expedite my pre-approval. Cori and her partner Mari left no stone unturned and provided the best Realtor-to-Buyer experience I've ever had. Cori helped us submit a competitive offer on the first house we wanted and that offer was accepted on the first attempt. Thank you Cori and Mari so much for keeping our wants and needs first and for pushing our deal across the goal line!

- B & B