Other April 29, 2022

Reasons to Call a Professional Cleaner – COVID-19

The value of regular cleaning and disinfecting the spaces we occupy has become more important than ever. Following the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), it’s extremely important for the safety of you, your loved ones and colleagues that you take all precautions in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Regular maintenance is key to reducing the risk of infection, and hiring a professional cleaning service can help you navigate creating a safe environment. While you may not need some cleaning each and every day, or even every week, consider the following scenarios when their expertise and resources can help keep you, your family and others safe.

COVID Recovery and Ongoing Cleaning
If someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19, it is critical that they stay in a quarantined room or space. As they recover, hiring a professional service to help conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire household, including their space when healthy again, will ensure that you eliminate the possibility of infection for anyone else in your home.

Be clear with the cleaning company about the situation so they’re aware of the environment they’ll be in and can take extra personal precautions to keep themselves safe.

Water and Sewage Cleanup
Have you considered how your plumbing might also affect your health? When we think about the best cleaning and maintenance practices during a pandemic, we might only consider what’s on the surface. We may not realize that something like a sewage or plumbing incident can be just as dangerous as someone touching your countertops with unclean hands.

John Sooker, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at SERVPRO, “Water in sewer backups could have viruses, bacteria and other microbes that can cause illnesses, which is the last thing any homeowner or business wants under ‘normal’ circumstances, and certainly not during the current pandemic.”

If your sewage has backed up, don’t just call a plumber—call a cleaning company. Don’t let those bacteria and dangerous microbes live in your space.

Essential Worker Support
If you’re an essential worker clocking in extra hours and finding just enough time in the day for sleep, a professional cleaner may be a wise investment. Bacteria builds up even when we’re not in the home, and if you can’t maintain the regular cleaning required during COVID-19 while working full-time, hire a professional service. You’ll stay safe and enjoy extra peace-of-mind so you can use those extra non-work hours to relax and recharge.

In addition to standard cleaning needs, professional cleaners can also help identify areas in the home that need extra care. These are often places we forget to clean when completing our regular chores. For example, Prevention shares the germiest areas we touch every day:

Kitchen faucet
Garbage disposal
Computer keyboard
Cell phone
Welcome mat
Vacuum cleaner
Soap dispensers
Work with a cleaning company to address these areas and create a plan for making your home a safe place to come home to.

Business Office, Retail and Living Space
If you own a business, you also need to consider the spaces where you and your employees work. While you can clean yourself following the guidelines, tips and information provided by the CDC, partnering with a professional cleaning service may ensure better results and keep you safe from potential infection.

When hiring a cleaning company for your business space, apartment building, or other property, consider looking for a business that’s well-versed in that type of space. This ensures that not only will the space be free of germs, but that the particular needs of that specific type of space are taken into consideration. For example, an office space has more areas to be cleaned than an apartment, and the right company will be prepared to do the job well.

After Guests Leave
Even if your guests were healthy, if you’ve had anyone stay anywhere in your home, it’s critical that you clean the space while they’re in the home and after they leave. While you can clean during their stay, it may be wise to bring in a cleaner once they’ve gone to ensure every area of your home is safe. With recent statistics saying 25-50 percent of people with COVID don’t know they have it, even “healthy” guests pose a danger.

Call a Professional Cleaner

Following the guidelines from the CDC and WHO is a great first step for keeping your home and business spaces clean. However, there are some situations when hiring a professional cleaning service is the safest option for you, your loved ones, and the other people living or coming and going to and from the area. Use these scenarios to determine whether you should bring in a cleaning crew to stay healthy during COVID.