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The Mo’olelo of “Ka Mele ‘O Ke Anuenue” as told by Darrell Aquino

Ka Mele ‘O Ke Anuenue is a mele composed for Harold Kano’eau Delatori. He was a young man who passed away at an early age. Harold’s friend, Kekoa Yap, wrote this song in his memory. Harold was from Lahaina, Maui and the rainbow (anuenue) represents him in the mele.

Harold was a brother-in-law to me. Kekoa is a Kumu Hula (master hula teacher) and one of my granddaughters was a haumāna (student) in Kumu Kekoa’s halau. My granddaughter was entered into a hula competition and was chosen to hula for this song. I had the opportunity to help compose the music for this song and perform it at the competition. I later chose to record the song after the competition because of the wonderful feedback we were getting from the performance.

The mele was then entered into the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards and was a finalist in the category of “Hawaiian Single of the Year”. It was exciting for me to present this song to the public and to my peers for the family of Harold who is beloved by many. Though it did not win the award, our family found it to be a privilege and honor to be recognized by the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts.


Aia i ka uka ‘O Lele

Ke ānuenue pi’o i luna

Ka wehi ‘O Hālona

Hoapili ‘O ka ua pā’ūpili e

Ua pono no kou waiho’olu’u

Ha’a le’a a puni ‘O Pu’u kukui

Kū ha’o i ka makani Ma’a’a

Nānā ‘ia e Kihawahine

‘Ike ‘ia e ke lehulehu

Lei ia ko waiho’olu’u

I ka pu’uwai hāmama

‘O nā kupa, o nā kini, o kēia ‘aina e

Ha’ina ‘ia mai ka puana

Ka mele ‘O ke ānuenue

Lei lua’ole ‘O Lāhainā

Ka wehi o ke kuahiwi ē

He Mele Inoa, a he Mele Lei no Kano’eau

There in the uplands of Lele

The rainbow arches on high

The adornment of Hālona

Companion of the Pā’ūpili Rain

Your colors are righteous

Dancing about Pu’u Kukui

Standing firm in the Ma’a’a winds

Seen by Kihawahine

Seen by the multitudes

Your colors are worn as a lei

Warming the hearts

Of the people, of this land


Tell the refrain

Of the rainbow’s mele

Incomparable lei of Lāhainā

An adornment of the uplands

About Darrell:

Darrell is my favorite Hawaiian musician! His family is near & dear to my & Mike’s hearts! He has performed for us at several family & professional events over the years.

His career has taken him across the islands and around the world. He’s been honored with multiple awards and performed with many international artists. He currently performs in a band at various venues across the islands as well as solo/duo performances.