Local Mo’olelo of Hawaiian Banks
Local The Mo’olelo of The Night Marchers There is hardly an uncle or aunty on the islands that has not heard of the ancient spirits that roam the islands and rule the night. Their supernatural tales instantly generate chicken skin and that sudden chill down your back. This is the mo’olelo of the Night Marchers. Night Marchers, or Hukai’pō, are armed warriors […]
Local The Mo’olelo of the ‘Awapuhi Kuahiwi If you’ve gone hiking around Hawai’i, then you might have come across a curious-looking plant with a beautiful, bright bloom. Locally known as ‘awapuhi or “shampoo ginger”, this plant originated in India and migrated through Polynesia before early settlers brought it to Hawai’i. Every single part of this plant was used in ancient Hawai’i from […]
Local The Mo’olelo of the Oahi (Hawaiian Fireworks) Whether you love them or loathe them, it’s hard to imagine Independence Day without fireworks. From the first celebrations of our nation’s independence, fireworks have played a major part in the festivities, but our new country wasn’t the first to use “fireworks” in celebration of important events. In ancient times Hawaiian royalty would celebrate special […]
Local The Mo’olelo of “Ka Mele ‘O Ke Anuenue” as told by Darrell Aquino Ka Mele ‘O Ke Anuenue is a mele composed for Harold Kano’eau Delatori. He was a young man who passed away at an early age. Harold’s friend, Kekoa Yap, wrote this song in his memory. Harold was from Lahaina, Maui and the rainbow (anuenue) represents him in the mele. Harold was a brother-in-law to me. […]
Local The Mo’olelo of the Lei It’s said that lei custom was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers. Lei were garlands worn about the neck constructed of flowers, leaves, shells, seeds, nuts, feathers, and even bone and teeth of various animals. In Hawaiian tradition, lei were worn by ancient Hawaiians to beautify themselves and distinguish themselves from others. […]
Local The Mo’olelo of the Menehune and the Leprechaun Name a group of small, mischievous, mythical, nocturnal artisans that love to sing & dance and are rarely seen by humans …. Did you guess the menehune? You’re right! Did you guess the leprechauns? You’re also right! The legends and folklore differ between the menehune and leprechauns, but they share a lot in common. The […]
Local The Mo’olelo of a Royal Teacup One late morning many years ago, I was visiting a kupuna very dear to my heart. We were sitting on her antique koa furniture in her living room sipping lemonade and discussing how she could reupholster her cushions without damaging the wood. After a quiet moment, my friend unexpectedly went to her china cabinet and lovingly […]
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Local Hawai’i Creepy Crawlers The Hawaiian Islands are known for their lush, green environment. But as with any temperate, tropical locale comes a host of creepy crawlers, flying vermin and buzzing, biting pests. I’m talking about the insects of Hawaiʻi. In addition to your standard mosquitoes, ants and flies, we also have cockroaches, termites and my least favorite—centipedes. Gross! […]
Local O’ahu’s Best Surf Spots When it comes to sports in Hawaiʻi, surfing reigns supreme. Native Hawaiians didn’t invent surfing—other Polynesian societies were simultaneously experimenting with boards on waves—but Hawaiians certainly mastered and later popularized the concept of he‘e nalu, or wave sliding, aka surfing. It remains an integral part of Hawaiian culture and local society today. Here are my […]
Local Giving and Getting Directions…Local Style When it comes to giving directions, you probably think, left or right, or North, South, East or West. But like so many other things, kamaʻāina, or Hawaiʻi residents have their own unique way of telling folks how to get around. And once you understand the words, you’ll see just how easy it is! Hawaiʻi locals […]
Local O’ahu’s Best Hikes A hike on Oʻahu will reward your senses. You’ll be treated to panoramic ocean views, walk through verdant tropical forests and even encounter some of Hawaiʻi’s endemic native fauna and flora, such as the fire red ʻapapane, or Hawaiian honeycreeper and the bristled ʻōhiʻa lehua tree. And with nearly perfect weather year-round, hiking on Oʻahu […]
Local Hawaiian Monk Seal There are 18 different species of seals across the globe, but the Hawaiian monk seal is one of the rarest marine mammals in the world. While most seals swim and dive in freezing waters, the Hawaiian monk seal prefers a much warmer environment and enjoys the waters and beaches of the tropical Pacific. In fact, […]
Local Hawaii Kai – An Outdoor Paradise In Hawaiian, Hawaiʻi Kai translates to “Hawaiʻi by the sea.” This East Honolulu community is indeed oceanside, featuring premier Oʻahu real estate. The area was first developed by New York developer Henry J. Kaiser in 1959, just as Hawaiʻi became the 50th state. Like so many others, Kaiser came to Oʻahu on vacation and fell […]
Local Ewa Beach Offers Affordable Oahu Housing On Oahu, you’ll often here people say town bound, meaning Honolulu, or Ewa bound, meaning Ewa Beach, or West. These days, more and more kamaaina are opting to go Ewa. And for good reason: Houses are spacious, new, and best of all, some of the most affordable on the island. The amount of space you […]
Local Not to be Missed Waikiki and Diamond Head Frequented by visitors and treasured by kamaaina, the southeast neighborhoods of Diamond Head and Waikiki are two of Oahu’s most well known. The area is home to much of the island’s dining, nightlife, and shopping scenes. With the world-famous Leahi, or Diamond in the background, Waikiki—meaning “sprouting water,” in Hawaiian—was once frequented by Hawaiian royalty. […]
Local Windward Coast – Lush and Tropical Oahu Magical. That’s how I describe the Windward Coast in one word. The eastern, or Windward side of the island is wetter and cooler, resulting in the lush, tropical beauty for which Hawaiʻi is so famous. The Windward Coast comprises bucolic towns dotted along the shore, from Waimānalo at the south-eastern side of the Oahu, to […]
Local Ko Olina – Home to Oahu’s Luxury Resorts Ko Olina Resorts Enter through the gates of the 642-acre master-planned community of Ko Olina and you’ll almost feel like you’re on another island. With three massive resort complexes, many visitors to Oahu are choosing to skip Waikiki and spend their trips in West Oahu instead. This side of the island is sunnier and arid, […]
Local Kapolei – Oahu’s Second City For nearly two decades, Kapolei has been touted as Oahu’s “second city.” The goal: Build houses and create jobs in West Oahu so people didn’t have to live or commute to Honolulu. For many, the Leeward city is the answer. A construction boom has resulted in several new subdivisions, government amenities and schools. And when […]
Local Kaneohe – The Perfect Blend of Contrasts A gem in Windward Oahu, Kaneohe is chock full of natural wonders. There’s beauty from mauka to makai, as they say in Hawaii, or from the mountain to the sea. Kaneohe is situated between the Koolau Mountains and Kaneohe Bay. For example, the neighborhood is home to the 400-acre Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. In Hawaiian, hoomaluhia […]