Home Improvement 10 Home Staging Tips Every Seller Should Know Are you planning to put your O’ahu home on the market? First impressions matter! While it’s important to clean and declutter your home, staging can highlight its best features, maximize space, and create an inviting atmosphere that potential buyers will love. As your local listing experts, we have put together a list of 10 expert […]
Buying Understanding The Unique Hawaii Closing Timelines Understanding The Unique Hawaii Closing Timelines by Jay Miller In the State of Hawaii, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the “closing date” for a real estate purchase transaction. The official closing date is more technically known as the settlement date/recording date in Hawaii and does not occur until the date the transaction records […]
Financing 5 Tax Deductions to Take When Selling a Home You may recall that in 2018, the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed some restrictions for homeowners. However, if you sold your house in 2021 or plan to sell in the future, your tax deductions can still save you a lot of money when you file your taxes with the IRS. Here is the […]
Buying How to Keep Your Pets Stress-Free During a Move If you are moving this summer you probably already feel the stresses of moving, but have you thought about what your four-legged family member may be feeling? Dogs and pets do feel the stresses of a move and often even more stress than their human companions are feeling. Imagine: you can’t read, understand all of […]
Buying How to Pack Your Garage In Five Steps When it comes to packing up your home for a move, the garage is often the last room packed. Let’s face it, we put it off due to the sheer number of things piled up over the years. Garages are full of tools, landscaping equipment and things you don’t want to look at. Often, our […]
Buying Moving with a Baby: The Complete Guide for Parents On the move with a little mover in tow? Every parent knows having a baby at home is an adventure. Take that everyday baby voyage and mix in moving your home, now your adventure is more like a hike up Mt. Everest! Here’s the good news, if you plan ahead and take simple steps that […]
Home Improvement 5 Home Staging Secrets from the Pros If you are selling your home, these home staging secrets from Chicago-area pros could help you get top dollar. 1. Know Your Buyer While you want to appeal to the broadest group of potential buyers, you also need to have a good idea who your most likely buyer is, and stage your home accordingly. “If […]
Selling How to Avoid the Top 5 Home Seller Mistakes When you are selling your home, it can be easy to be in a vacuum. You have a certain idea of what the market should pay for your home and what may or may not be an issue. After all, you are king of your castle, right? Your home has x, y and z . […]
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Selling 5 Things You Need to Know About Selling a Condo Thinking of selling your condo? Whether you live in the condo or own it as an investment property, if you’re ready to sell your home, it’s time to talk to a qualified real estate agent in your area. By evaluating several criteria, including regional markets, time of year, features of your condo unit, as well […]
Buying Architectural Styles on the Horizon Whether you’re buying, selling or staging a home, popular architectural styles and buzz-words can help you get the most out of your investment. Current and upcoming homebuyers have an “instant” mindset, are debt-savvy, and want all the luxuries of rural living in growing cities. Trending architectural styles, like shipping container and tiny homes, reflect the […]
Buying What Are Closing Costs? What Are Closing Costs? Closing costs are fees paid in connection with the refinance or transfer of ownership in real property. They are paid by either the buyer or the seller on the settlement date. These fees will always vary. What you pay for one refinance or property transfer will not be the same as […]
Financing How to Sell a House That Still Has a Mortgage Most people won’t live in the same home for 30 years, the typical life of a mortgage loan. So, when it comes time to sell, many homeowners still have mortgage debt to deal with. Is this a problem? What happens to your mortgage when you sell your home? Once you sign your name on a […]
Selling A Complete Glossary of Home Selling Terms What’s the CMA of your home and does the buyer have a plan for paying the closing costs? Does that sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo? If it does, then it’s time that you get up to date on the latest real estate lingo. When selling a home, it’s impossible to avoid real estate terminology. […]
Selling Can Professional Photos Sell Your Home Faster? A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve all heard the saying before, and it’s definitely true when it comes to real estate. It would be almost impossible to fully describe a house without pictures. There’s just one problem; too often homeowners forget about picture quality. Not all images are created equal. Blurry or poor-quality […]